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Custom Graphic Design & Marketing Solutions

I have worked with a variety of mission-driven nonprofits, education, healthcare, and entrepreneurs designing their marketing and visual materials to maintain their brand and have the visual voice of their business and projects defined. Hand-crafted unique designs customized for your mission, business, and projects. Whether you are a small business looking to build your brand, an individual in need of a custom infographic or illustration, or looking for a custom logo, brand, or design to bring your vision to life. 

What Can Sandra Audia Design Help You With?
Here are some ideas:

Design Services
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  • Presentation Design
  • Logo Design
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Printing
  • Banners
  • Custom Bags
  • Custom Event Invitations & Printing
  • Digital Banner Design
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Branded Design
  • Brochures & Rack Card Design
  • Large Format Design
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  • Poster Design
  • Custom Wrap Design
  • Labels Design & Printing
  • Branding Strategy & Design
  • Keyword Research
  • Conference Display Design
  • Publication Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Viewbook Design
  • Program Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • & more


Featured Projects



With an MFA in illustration from SCAD Sandra can create original illustrations for websites, books, magazines, and other media. 

Logo Design & Branding

Custom logo and branding solutions. Research and Strategy-Driven. Branding and Style Guides, digital, print and digital templates.

Print Design & Editing

Marketing materials, banners, invitations for events and weddings, programs, brochures, posters, and packaging design.

Web & Presentation Design

Website design and content development, branding development, social media graphics, and other digital assets.

Custom Patch Design

Custom Patch and Pin Illustration & Design

Custom Patch and Pin Design. Work Directly with the Designer who can help you with the best design and production solutions for your custom patch and pin projects.

Events & Trade Show Design

Custom event design for invitations, signage, tradeshow booths and banners, demo videos, tablecloths, and more. 

Design Consultations

Design Consultations on branding, troubleshooting, and setup of branding templates in Adobe and Canva. 

Publication & Book Design

Catalogs, publications, magazines, programs, viewbooks, annual reports, booklets as well as packaging and mailing solutions.


Printing of marketing materials, business cards, letterhead, invitations, mailings, banners, fine art printing, and more. 

“Sandra possesses the necessary knowledge to not only create beautiful designs but – most importantly, on our end – create thorough files and communicate all necessary information. Sandra made each project seamless, subsequently allowing us to produce beautiful materials in a timely manner. She was always accessible and provided, well in advance, specifications for estimates, budgets, and schedules.”

Laura Driskill

Account Executive / Ironmark

“I hired Sandra to brand and develop marketing materials for our outpatient speech and occupational therapy clinic. The marketing materials included the website, postcards, pamphlets for resource fairs, paper, digital advertisements, and our logo. I like how easy it was to work with Sandra and that she developed materials that captured our brand. I have received many compliments from new clients, remarking on how they chose us because of the look and the content that is on our website.”

Laura Michie

Speech Language Pathologist /
Owner Frederick-SLP

“Thanks, Sandra for a job well done. Delivered prior to the deadline with lots of options to choose from.”

Rob Taylor

Owner /
TD Media, Inc

She did great work and demonstrated excellent communication skills. She always got back to me right away and was able to implement my suggestions into the final edits. I would definitely hire her again!

Preston Brown

Owner /
BlueHen Homebuyers

Sandra did a great job on this project. She moved forward at a steady pace and included me in the process with frequent e-mails and occasional video calls as required.

Matthew J. De Remer  

Founder and Chief Engineer /
Bayard Design LLC

Thanks for all your hard work on this project. We’re all really happy with the results. We have the stickers for the first two designs and they’re very popular on the island.

DeForest Joralmon  

Department of Natural Resources  /
San Clemente Island NALF

I work collaboratively on web development, SEO and digital marketing with my husband please visit our other site:

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